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TS Virtual Preview Day – 2020


The best time to plant a tree was a decade ago. The second best time is NOW! Trustworthy Selling | 2.0 Virtual Preview Day August 4th and 6th, 2020 Reserve Your Spot Countdown to a Virtual Event You Won't Want to Miss! Reasons [...]

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Trustworthy Insights


Trustworthy Selling Implementation Highlights Trustworthy Selling offers two different programs that you can deliver based on the needs of your enterprise. The two options are Trustworthy Selling Quick Start and Trustworthy Selling Professional. Over the course of this, we’ll outline the differences and what makes them work. We’ll also cover how to effectively [...]

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The Difference Between a Strategic Partner and a Vendor Over the years, the solutions developed by the Hoopis Performance Network have been field-tested in our “living laboratory”. This philosophy of being built “by the field, for the field” has served us very well since inception. As we transitioned into [...]

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Leading Indicators of Change


Here at Trustworthy Selling, we are proud to be leading indicators of change. A whopping 93% of participants rate the Trustworthy Selling program as a valuable use of their time. We’re so proud of how we’re impacting the industry, we made this infographic to celebrate our success. If you’re not the infographic type, [...]

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Facilitator Guide Introduction Transforming transactions into lasting experiences begins with quality facilitators. In order to successfully implement the Trustworthy Selling program, we believe it is pertinent to elevate training to the power of experience. To do so, we spend a lot of time preparing our facilitators to successfully [...]

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Step by Step Guide to Facilitator and Coaching Certification When it comes to implementing the Trustworthy Selling program, you should rely heavily on those you have designated as your facilitators and coaches. Fortunately, we offer a comprehensive Facilitator Certification program that will equip your facilitators with the tools they need to communicate and [...]

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Trustworthy Insights


Business Impact Results Tracking (B.I.R.T.). July 2017 - Cumulative One-Year Results for the April, May, June and July 2016 Classes The following represents productivity and retention results from a representative sample from 2015 recruting class vs. the 2016 recruiting class of a Hoopis Performance Network enterprise client. This enterprise client instituted Trustworthy Selling Quick [...]

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The Life Insurance Industry’s Redefined Approach to Sales Training Summary Trustworthy Selling® is the result of an unusual collaboration between the life insurance and sales training industries. Developed by LIMRA, a professional association of life insurance marketing and sales executives and Hoopis Performance Network, a professional sales training organization, the program addresses some [...]

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