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Life Insurers Have Significant Opportunity with the Hispanic Community

Despite 8 in 10 Hispanic consumers saying they believe they should own life insurance, only half actually have coverage, according to the 2021 Insurance Barometer Study. This market represents a growing opportunity for the life insurance industry. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Hispanic population has grown 23% over the past decade to 62.1 million, now accounting for 1 in 5 people in the U.S.

While the Hispanic community is very diverse, comprising heritages from across Latin America, Central and South America, and the Caribbean, they share common cultural values, especially around the importance of family. These values are reflected in their financial priorities and concerns.

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Trustworthy Selling Research Library

Let’s talk Life – Why Do Consumers Live with a Life Insurance Need Gap?

This study examines the reasons consumers live with a life insurance need gap and explores opportunities for the industry to overcome the barriers that prevent these consumers from obtaining the coverage they know they need.

Fact Book on Retirement Income

This study provides an analysis of the retirement income market by different segments, demographics, or retirement status. The information can help advisors and institutions recognize investor trends and target the segments of greatest opportunity.

Using Behavioral Economics to Sell

This report first reviews some principles of Behavioral Economics and explains specifically how to use it to improve sales presentations and sales promotional materials.

Translate from Insurance to English

Consumers have told us that the life insurance industry language is confusing. While consumers have access to their own life insurance research, they turn to financial professionals to make sense of it all. Financial professionals engage their clients in the shopping process and communicate industry terms in their own unique ways.

Future of Advice

Consumer expectations of financial advice have changed. Today’s consumers feel they’re uneducated when it comes to financial topics, expect access to both online resources and human resources, and view retirement differently than their grandparents did. This study delved into topics like education, robo-advisors and online resources, advice at the workplace, and their thoughts on paying advisors.