training reimagined financial advisor manager

Training Reimagined

Trustworthy Selling 2.0 is so much more than a sales effectiveness program.
It is a courageous partnership that is founded on making a difference and changing an industry who has been searching for help. It teaches us to sell by listening… To advocate rather than pressure… To partner and foster for the long game. It gives us the tools to grow from within and the confidence to build lasting relationships.
It is battle tested and built from the voices of the industry.
This is Trustworthy Selling 2.0


Having a more powerful, loyal, and productive distribution.
Empowering your distribution to work smarter and connect more meaningfully with their clients.
Having lasting relationships with clients and bridging the consumer trust gap.
powerful loyal and productive distribution


Today’s changing landscape demands more dynamic solutions – challenging to build, and even more challenging to evolve in-step with your market and consumers. Organizations no longer need to build their own because we’ve listened, we’ve learned, and we’ve built the programs that answer their needs.We continuously evolve alongside them.
  • Longer life cycle with the client
  • Greater opportunities
  • Working smarter and not harder
  • Increased productivity and retention
  • Consumer trust and confidence
Combining proven language with leading research. Trustworthy Selling 2.0
A tree with strong roots can withstand the storm, but the tree can’t grow roots just as the storm appears on the horizon.
Today’s advisor population is shifting, as Millennials begin to join the ranks. Trustworthy Selling 2.0 combines proven language with leading research, new technology, dynamic tools, easily digestible videos, modernized concepts and greater diversity to help companies build a more powerful and lasting distribution force.

The Facts

Nearly 1 in 4 consumers rank “trust” as the most important factor when choosing an advisor. Having the skills to build trust with a potential client is important. This leads to stronger client relationships and increased sales. LIMRA’s Business Impact Results Tracking study found that financial professionals who take this training program saw up to a 30 percent lift in productivity.