Facilitator Guide Introduction

Transforming transactions into lasting experiences begins with quality facilitators. In order to successfully implement the Trustworthy Selling program, we believe it is pertinent to elevate training to the power of experience. To do so, we spend a lot of time preparing our facilitators to successfully lead participants through the program concepts and model positive learning behavior. To adequately prepare our facilitators, we have devised a Guide for Facilitator Certification and the Facilitator Instruction Guide. Both of which you can download and save to reference later. If you want to empower your distribution and your business to thrive, the Facilitator Instruction Guide is a good place to start. We’ve laid out exactly what you can expect from the guide and how you can prepare to facilitate Trustworthy Selling.

We begin with an introduction to the Trustworthy Selling program. Facilitators must know the ins and outs of the program, including the three core concepts and seven disciplines. Our three core concepts are as follows:

1. The Trustworthy Selling model reduces tension and increases trust.

2. The Four Facets of Trust (benevolence, dependability, integrity, and competence) convey trustworthiness.

3. Our Behavioral Economics Techniques improve closing ratios.

You’ll have to check out the Facilitator Guide Introduction to learn more about our seven disciplines. All you need to know for now is that we believe sales professionals achieve greater success when they spend less time trying to sell their products and more time helping people buy their products

We even provide detailed outlines of the TS Quick Start model and TS Professional model for implementation. These break down the exact time increments, concepts, and strategies that should be employed at each step in the process. Learn how to instruct new agents and seasoned advisors alike in how they engage with today’s consumer mindset. These program models will help facilitators introduce contemporary, action-oriented coaching strategies and increase retention and productivity among existing strategies.

Of course, the bulk of this guide will communicate how our facilitators can best conduct the program and what the curriculum and learner objectives entail. However, you will also find sections including digital participant guides, the TS website, Personality Styles Profile assessments, administering the Sales Booster, performance coaching, and more! The Facilitator Introduction guide is truly an invaluable resource when it comes to implementing the Trustworthy Selling program.

The Facilitator Introduction Guide prepares facilitators to run Trustworthy Selling classes and outlines key action steps, instructional strategies, and activities that help the TS program run smoothly and effectively. We cover everything from time management and ideal classroom seating to note taking and media usage. The Trustworthy Selling program is designed to help facilitators foster meaningful learning. We find that meaningful learning generally emerges from a wealth of resources, so we’ve thought of everything you’ll need to know when starting out as a facilitator.

There are ten modules in the Trustworthy Selling program, each with their own objectives, learner outcomes, activities, and exercises. As a facilitator, you’ll need to know the nitty-gritty details of each module in order to facilitate learning in your participants effectively. Luckily for you, and all our facilitators, we break down each module in the Facilitator Guide.

From the Trustworthy Selling Approach in Module 1 to the final Module Capstones, each step in the curriculum is laid out and explained in depth to elevate your training. You can rely on the Facilitator Guide to set you up for success and continue to be a valuable resource throughout your role as a facilitator.

The Trustworthy Selling program is built to do exactly what the name suggests, inspire trust between sales professionals and the people who buy their products. That trust begins with a thorough understanding of the market and trustworthy strategies. Qualified and agile facilitators set the tone for those who learn the model and implement it out in the industry.

You can trust our Facilitator Guide to help foster meaningful learning, deeper relationships, and measurable results. Get started with the guide and schedule your Facilitator Certification today!