Trustworthy Selling Implementation Highlights

Trustworthy Selling offers two different programs that you can deliver based on the needs of your enterprise. The two options are Trustworthy Selling Quick Start and Trustworthy Selling Professional. Over the course of this, we’ll outline the differences and what makes them work. We’ll also cover how to effectively utilize these programs to garner the best possible return on investment.

Trustworthy Selling Quick Start

Start off your initial training with your new recruits the right way with the Trustworthy Selling Quick Start program. Throughout this course, you’ll be able to incorporate your own company’s branding and selling points while taking worthwhile lessons from the curriculum. HPN and LIMRA also provide consultation to identify where your company content works well with the Quick Start program. Get your recruits up to pace quickly and efficiently. They’ll be out on the floor in no time with a great set of starting skills. Later, we’ll focus on diving into their resources and tweaking what makes them great.

Trustworthy Selling Professional

This program focuses on producers who have at least a year of experience in the business. When you want to increase your team’s productivity and retention, the Trustworthy Selling Professional course will help. Are you focusing on vertical growth? This curriculum encompasses all you need for 1-5-year producers at your company. Additionally, the intermediate portion assists those with 5-15 years of experience. Finally, we offer a veteran-styled course for those with over 15 years in the business looking to hone their skills, invigorate their career, or learn some new tricks. People of all levels of experience can learn something from the Trustworthy Selling Professional program.


How Are Our Training Programs Delivered?

The programs at Trustworthy Selling are delivered in a one or two-week period, all hinging on the amount of initial content you have with your company’s standard training. We designed the Trustworthy Selling Quick Start program to work alongside your traditional onboard training courses, seamlessly blending in and enhancing the outcome of your new recruits. Additionally, even the more advanced courses can fit in with your existing training courses your company already provides. After the program, your participants will begin a 12-week structured coaching and performance session with six coaching sessions. They will have a mentor along with them to provide them guidance and assess their improvement. The idea behind this is to make sure your trainees retain and utilize the information they learned throughout the classes. After the coaching period ends, they will attend a full-day capstone that includes 60-90 minutes of preparations. During this capstone, participants demonstrate their language mastery and applications of the concepts they’ve learned throughout the course with interactive roleplay scenarios and relevant case studies.

In-Depth Delivery Options without Compromising Flexibility

In the Trustworthy Selling Professional course, we dive into more in-depth delivery options while providing the flexibility your team needs to continue to do their job. You want to provide great continued learning opportunities for your producers, but you don’t want to take them off the floor for any longer than they need to be. With this knowledge in mind, the TS Professional curriculum encompasses 10 modules that you can deliver to your team in seven half-day sessions or four full-day sessions. This allows your participants to absorb the knowledge without losing time producing. We also provide the ability to deliver virtual classrooms, including 14 two-hour sessions with pre-work.

Become a Certified Facilitator for TS Selling

Would you like to lead others in Trustworthy Selling courses? TS facilitator certifications are administered through two, two-hour virtual classroom sessions that also include pre-work. We designed the facilitator certification program to be convenient and efficient for leaders to obtain the knowledge without interrupting their work. They will have access to resources on the Trustworthy Selling website, including brief videos covering the delivery of modules within the curriculum. The fee for virtual classroom facilitator training is a one-time $750 per facilitator. This certification also includes Facilitator Guide, Participant Guide, Facilitator Resources, Promotional Resources, and access to the Trustworthy Selling website content.


What Kind of Coaching Resources Will I Have Access To?

Nobody absorbs information to its fullest extent through a one-time session. Learning is a process that requires time and applied training. Both programs offered by Trustworthy Selling allow your coaches to provide the resources your trainees need to succeed. The programs are designed to reinforce the principles learned in the courses through real-life scenarios. Additional coaching along the way will cement the lessons they absorbed in the classroom. In order to build the best learning environment, facilitators will have access to a slew of resources. At their disposal includes the participant assignments, turn-key coaching guides, language demonstration videos, and roleplay feedback forms. Additionally, mentors have access to coaching guides and email templates to utilize during the programs between sessions. Additionally, they’ll also have access to 30-, 60-, and 90-day coaching guides to continue to reinforce the concepts learned by participants after the program. These guides can either be utilized as a part of one-on-one coaching sessions or group coaching sessions to maximize efficiency.