The Power of Leveraging Training Built by the Industry, For the Industry

There’s a certain amount of content the home office should develop internally such as content pertaining to proprietary products and processes. However, when home offices attempt to develop content such as sales skills that really need more of a field perspective, that content typically falls flat. 

This content typically lacks field perspective and is not perceived as credible by the field. Therefore, it’s prudent for home offices to strategically partner with content providers that have developed content considered by the field, for the field. 

Many sales effectiveness programs you will find in the market were not designed specifically for the financial services industry. At best, they might have a financial services “wrapper” placed around it that’s considered “custom” and is typically very expensive to develop. In addition, most of these programs were developed out of the business to business sales model. 

In other words, they were developed for sales professionals who are calling on businesses to sell them a product such as a copy machine, a car, etc. When you try to apply those B2B sales training programs to the personal selling world of financial services, they can feel very “clunky” and misaligned leading to labor intensive tailoring by our companies’ in-house staff.  

This is why it’s important to leverage learning and development programs built specifically for financial services with industry examples, language, tools, anecdotes, case studies and best practices.

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