Here at Trustworthy Selling, we are proud to be leading indicators of change. A whopping 93% of participants rate the Trustworthy Selling program as a valuable use of their time. We’re so proud of how we’re impacting the industry, we made this infographic to celebrate our success.

If you’re not the infographic type, don’t fret. We’ll outline what exactly our participants glean from the program over the course of five years and beyond. We’ve received feedback from satisfied participants boasting about their use of power phrases, eliminations of limiting beliefs, identification of preferred communication styles, and more! You could be the next participant to elevate your business with the Trustworthy Selling program.

See what the future could look like in…

Less than 1 year

As you embark with your business on the journey through the Trustworthy Selling program, you can expect some pretty immediate results. Our program is designed to set you up for success from beginning to end.

Before your first year is up, you will be given the tools to recognize and identify your preferred communication style and the preferred methods of your clients and prospects. This will allow you to build deeper relationships that yield measurable results.

TS participants also develop Responsive Process Management (RPM) questions for each area of planning so they can better incorporate them into their business models. The Trustworthy Selling program equips participants with the tools to respond to everchanging market conditions and consumer interactions in real-time.

Among other meaningful learning and communication techniques, TS participants are also encouraged to engage with prospects using their fully developed Defining Identity Statement. Initially engaging in this way helps to establish a relationship with the prospect, which in turn makes the transaction more experiential.

These examples only scratch the surface of the incredible progress our participants make before their first year with the Trustworthy Selling Program comes to a close.

Less than 2 years

After the first year, there is even more growth to be had. Before the two-year mark, our participants report using power phrases more frequently and to greater success and utilizing agendas for all closing presentations and meetings. This fine-tuning elevates and empowers both distribution and business.

In the second year, our participants also note that they fully internalize and consistently use new business development language, which is pertinent for staying agile with your selling strategy.

Less than 3 years

As Trustworthy Selling participants prepare to embark on year three, they report elevating their time management to spend more time in the green and capitalizing on the progress they made in their first two years on the TS program.

We are proud that participants on their way to the three-year mark connect their products and services to the six emotional drivers in order to better relate to their prospects and tune into their buying power. They also report actively incorporating relevant LIMRA statistics into their conversations with clients and prospects.

Less than 4 years

As they approach year four, TS participants are still using power phrases and breaking out that internalized business development objective handling language. Still, they’re adding more productive habits to their business models, as well.

After three years in the program, participants can expect to evaluate their self-limiting beliefs more regularly. The Trustworthy Selling program helps you identify the ideas that are preventing you from soaring in your business. Once you’ve identified them, you can work to dismantle them.

At this point in the program, participants are also more adept at recognizing when prospects and clients are motivated by the avoidance of pain or the desire to gain something. The longer you champion meaningful learning and developing deeper client relationships, the more tapped in you will be to their buying mindset. This all, of course, leads to measurable results.

Less than 5 years

As our participants prepare to round the half-decade mark with Trustworthy Selling, their progress is evident. They avoid ambiguous language and always check in with their clients and prospects for understanding. Plus, they are already in the habit of recognizing their self-limiting beliefs so they can dismantle them.

Participants at this stage use positive affirmations to support their vision and goals and find ways to hold themselves accountable every day. As you approach year five in the TS program, it is natural and encouraged to be more forward-thinking. You have the tools you need to continue building a brighter future for your business, and our participants want to seize the opportunities and success they know can be theirs.

5 years or more

Once participants have crossed the five-year threshold with the Trustworthy Selling program, they are set up for an abundance of future success. They dismantle self-limiting beliefs, use power phrases, develop deeper relationships, set actionable goals, manage their time well, communicate effectively, and more.

At this point, our participants report segmenting their clients based on the criteria they learned with Trustworthy Selling. And they develop activity plans to ensure they spend the majority of their time with top clients. The path to empowering and elevating your business doesn’t end. As you work through this timeline with TS, we hope you will continue to grow along with us, as so many satisfied participants have.

Join the Trustworthy Selling family and transform your business with the help of our program. It’s proven to be a leading indicator of change. We can help transform your transactions into lasting experiences. Let us work as a catalyst for your business to change for the better.