What Attracted Mutual of Omaha to Choose Trustworthy Selling?

Mutual of Omaha implemented Trustworthy Selling as part of an organizational strategy to increase their advisors’ focus on needs-based selling over transactional selling or product-focused selling. The company went through the first step in its transformation strategy by revamping its systems to identify, attract and select candidates who were more relationship-focused. Trustworthy Selling was an extension of the company’s strategy to ensure new recruits were onboarded and trained with the knowledge and skills to establish enduring relationships with their clients.

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    Productivity and Retention Impact

    Mutual of Omaha advisors who completed the Trustworthy Selling program was more effective after 24 months than those who did not. Consider these improvements in the key metric areas.


    Increase in Premium Productivity


    Increase in Policy Productivity


    Increase in First Year Commissions


    Increase in Two-Year Retention

    Mutual of Omaha has succeeded in transitioning their organization’s culture to a focus on the long-term relationship between their advisors and clients. In addition to revamping their recruiting and selection systems, the focus on incorporating the Trustworthy Selling program as part of their onboarding Launch Week has delivered measurable success. The Trustworthy Selling philosophy and approach are deeply embedded into the culture and fabric of Mutual of Omaha.

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